Specialty shoe and boot manufacturer HAIX is setting foot on uncharted territory with its new leisure collection: TERRITORY MEDIA is helping the brand to build recognition and gain a multichannel foothold both on- and offline. The express goal is to transpose the company’s reputation as a supplier in the firefighting, rescue service, forestry, workwear, military, and police segments to the private consumer sector.

TV spots provide wide-ranging information about the brand, new products, dealers, and online shops in a form which appeals to the target group. The campaign is optimized through analysis of the traffic on the web pages and in the shop area. It includes targeted conversion and tracking of TV-induced search queries in search engines and web shop visits.

TERRITORY MEDIA has put the “hidden champion” on the map: There has been a significant boost in the number of visitors to HAIX’s web pages and retail outlets and an increase in brand awareness. “Having a partner like TERRITORY MEDIA has enabled me to invest the available TV budget efficiently in brand building. Thanks to jointly developed, automated approaches to tracking and reporting, we were able to gauge the impact of the campaigns precisely and expand the branding channel TV with performance-driven approaches.” Klaus Kallenbrunnen – Int. Head of Digital Business at HAIX.