A young agency vibe. Ideas that count for more than a hierarchy. And all the benefits of working at a large company. This is what makes working at TERRITORY EMBRACE so extraordinary! We launched in 2011 with a clear vision: to build inspiring relationships between employers and talented people. Today we are a part of TERRITORY, the European market leader for content communication – and as specialists in employer branding, staff marketing and talent management, we are now indispensable in the market. Our affiliation with the Bertelsmann division Gruner + Jahr gives us security and the power of a big hitter.

But it’s not just our structure that is special: our offer of employer branding via our careers platform, from staff marketing and recruiting up to talent management, is unique and makes us a market leader in school and university student marketing.

TERRITORY EMBRACE Brands & Recruiting (Gütersloh) – Who We Are

Find the Right Employee with Brands & Recruiting

Why do people like working for an employer? How can we get their offer heard in a highly competitive market? And finally: How do you get the right employee on board? To answer these questions, we founded Embrace in 2011. Since then, we have been defining employer brands (which is what we call “employer branding”), developing communication concepts and measures (which is what we call “staff marketing”) and supporting employers in filling their vacancies (we are still looking for a better word than “recruiting” for this 😉 ).

As employer branding experts, we know that in order to be successful in the long term, the working environment must be right – and that’s exactly what we take care of at Embrace! We are all either young or young in spirit, constantly curious and always wanting to rethink things. We value team spirit and creative ideas just as much as organised plans. We make sure that we provide a genuine agency vibe with creative minds – including Macs, flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. And as a Bertelsmann subsidiary, we also offer a variety of further training and sports programmes and benefits (not to mention the canteen).

We work together for global players and hidden champions, and with large and small brands from all sectors. From analysis and positioning of concepts and creations to implementing campaigns and innovative recruiting: we are happy to help our clients!

TERRITORY EMBRACE Talent Platforms (Bochum) – Who We Are

Content at the Highest Level – Market Leaders in School and University Student Marketing

What started off as a small student project for young talent is now a part of TERRITORY, and has become one of the largest networks for content community in Germany.

Ever since 2011, our team has stood for successful staff marketing with an edge. Whether they are looking for training, an internship, a graduate job or a traineeship, young talents can always find their new careers with us. We are not fans of marketing clichés, preferring transparency and credibility instead – all of which we provide on an equal footing with our relevant target group.

At our company, nothing fits a stereotype. This is true for both concepts and employees. More than anything, personality and proactivity are what count here. When we launched, we had just ten all-rounders – and now we work with over 50 experts who deal with customer relations, user experience, sales and target group-relevant content. Even today, we still retain our identity as a start-up company.

From table football and air hockey to free fruit and after-work drinks, a good atmosphere at work is important to us. Whether they are a recent graduate, a former trainee or a professional with years of corporate experience, each of us has our own mind, our own style and our own stories. And since we’re not shy about that, we work great together. Oh and by the way: we all love cakes! 😉

Do you want to become part of our teams in Bochum and Gütersloh? Have a look at our vacancies!